Lucy Laney Elementary, 3rd Grade

Minneapolis Public Schools

I helped my students achieve outstanding academic growth!

Keys to My Teaching Success

An amazing team of teachers and administrators. My creativity. Hands on activities. Thinking outside the box. Finding ways to make learning fun. Kids love science and we can work the literacy and math into it. Also, consistent literacy routines, writing projects, and celebrating goals together. 

Who or What Inspires Me

My family. My teammates. Especially when one of us comes up with an idea to spark kids' interest. Together we turn big ideas into great ideas. Teaching involves a lot of logistics and planning and we back each other up.

What I Love About Our School

There's a family atmosphere established by administrators and teachers to support learners in developing the whole student. Connecting about our daily lives as a team - those little things make a difference. Everybody wants to be here. No one wants to leave. The parents are great and love the teachers. We're a family community. 

What I Tell My Students

Be nice. Be kind. Use your manners. Be polite. Please and thank you will take you a long way. And you've got to care. If you don't care, no one else is going to do it for you.