Las Estrellas Dual Language, 4th Grade

Minneapolis Public Schools

I helped my students achieve outstanding academic growth!

Keys to My Teaching Success

I focus on building a positive classroom community. I want the kids to believe that they're capable of learning the content. 

I believe that above all you have to have strong relationships with your students. Students learn from teachers they trust and with whom they have good relationships.

Who or What Inspires Me

Seeing my kids grow keeps me inspired. Any time you have that lesson moment when they're intrigued and they want to know more, I always think "I got you!" When you've got them hooked you're gold. They want to be there and want to learn. 

What I Love About Our School

I love how positive and empathetic the kids are. The students in my community care about equity and justice. They have marched against gun violence and advocated for recycling. 

I love the staff and rapport and that we focus on doing what's best for kids: we make student-centered decisions and come together to make it happen. 

What I Tell My Students

You can do it. You just can't do it yet. You are capable and you will be able to do it.

Teacher beliefs matter and students can sense it. Students know if a teacher doesn't believe in them. I tell my students they are capable because I believe it.