Lucy Laney Elementary, 2nd Grade

Minneapolis Public Schools

I helped my students achieve outstanding academic growth!

Keys to My Teaching Success

Consistency in classroom expectations and the freedom students are given within the bounds of consistency.

I allow my students to choose work spaces in the classroom, classmates to work with, and sometimes even work choice. When students have consistency in expectations and a feeling of choice within the boundaries, they're more willing to try difficult tasks. 

Who or What Inspires Me

The students in my classroom keep me motivated and inspired.

What I Love About Our School

We operate more as a family than individual, isolated classrooms. Everyone on my team celebrates successes and if I have a student struggling, another adult will step in to help out. We see students as whole children with feelings, wants, and needs. When you treat a child as a human first, the learning comes more readily. I don't impose learning onto my students, instead we grow it together. 

What I Tell My Students

I'm always listening to them. I don't necessarily say things to them - I ask a lot of questions. My students also hear me acknowledge and apologize when I make a mistake.